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Website Design Audit

Case Study: Kriss Liss

Kriss Liss

Kriss Liss is a vocalist who provides music producers with vocal tags. She came across my website and thought it was one of the best she had seen. She told me that everything was very professional and that my brand was very distinct.

She asked who designed my website and I told her I did it. I used to work as a graphic designer for almost 10 years. Kriss asked me to review her website and give her guidance on what she can do to make it more user friendly, cohesive, visually appealing and functional.

Kontact was immediately available to talk with me via his web chat. He was responsive and told me exactly what I should expect. He then delivered on his promise earlier than expected! He provided me with a very detailed audit of each page of my website. I’m very happy to have his perspective!


Website Design Audit Example: