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I will teach you how to understand why your customers behave the way they do, what they are thinking and how to get them to act in the desired direction. You will be able to apply these 10 psychological sales tactics into your marketing materials (website, sales letters, blog posts, newsletters and more) to gain more sales, subscribers referrals or what ever you need for your business.

1: Reciprocity

In social psychology, reciprocity is a social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions. As a social construct, reciprocity means that in response to friendly actions, people are frequently much nicer and much more cooperative than predicted.
Let’s say you go out to dinner with a group of friends, at the end of the meal you take the check and pay for everyone’s food. What do you think will happen next? If you have good friends they will thank you and treat you out to dinner next time.
If you give your prospects something of value, they will feel obligated to give you something back, it might be a sale, referral, email address, subscription or something else of value to you. The reason why this works is because we tend to get uncomfortable when we feel like we owe someone something.
Of course this will not work on everyone. Some people feel entitled and believe that they deserve things for free. These people could take and take without ever having the desire to return the favor. Don’t worry about these types of people.
It is important to give freely, without expecting anything in return. Help people even if you are not rewarded for it.
How can you use this psychological tactic in your marketing materials? Offer something of value for free as a lead magnet.
For example, I also run a business called Simply Honest Herbs which helps people improve their health using only natural herbs. What I started to do early on was to give friends and family free samples for two main reasons. First, so that they can try my products risk free and see for themselves that it actually works. I also did this to use reciprocity. About 75% of the people I gave free samples to turned into regular customers who sometimes purchased multiple products from me.
The key to making this work is to remind people what you did for them when you ask them for a favor.
For example: “Since I gave you some free samples to try, can you do me a small favor? Can you provide me with a review about your experience using my product and also tell your friends about it? I am sure it would help them as much as it helped you!”
Do you see how that works? It is a mutually beneficial relationship. You scratch my back, I scratch your back.
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