The Most Important Sites to Successfully Sell More Beats

Once you have perfected your craft, both musically and sonically, you are ready to start selling your beats.

So, where should you start selling your beats? I have complied a list of the best website to sell your beats on.

1. Your Own Ecommerce Website

Having your own website is the best option for selling beats. Yes, it’s more work and cost more money upfront but the benefits are worth it.

It gives you the most control on how your website looks and works so you have full control over your brand.

It looks more professional to have your own custom website and email address.

You can collect your customers information such as name, email, address, phone etc. to be able to make their experience using your website better.

Running your own eCommerce store also means that you can sell beats commission free.

Ecommerce Platforms

There are various eCommerce platforms available that make it fast and easy to setup an online store. Some have more features and options compared to others:

Some of these platforms are self hosted and some require you to have your own web host, you can get your website hosted with companies like:

To use a web host you would need to register your website domain name, with most hosts you can register a website URL throught them or you can get one separately:

Some eCommerce platforms allow you to add themes which you can use as a basis for the design and then edit, you can buy these themes at

2. Beat Stores

Beat stores are online marketplaces that allows music producers to license and sell beats. Some also let you sell sound kits or other services. You can also pay yearly which gives you a slight discount on your membership. Here is a run down on the top 3 beat stores.

Beat Stars



Pro Page

Upload Tracks Limit 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Upload Track Stems
Sell Sound Kits
Sell Custom Services
Pro Page Sales Revenue 100%
Instant Payments
Accept PayPal payments
Accept Stripe payments
Sell On BeatStars Marketplace
BeatStars Marketplace Commission 30% 30% 0%
Embeddable Blaze Player 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Private Messages 5 20 Unlimited
Number of License Agreements for Sale 2 4 Unlimited
Premium Statistics
Sales Statistics
Submissions per Opportunity 1 2
SoundCloud Monetization
Audiomack Monetization





Upload Tracks Limit 10 50 Unlimited
Infinity Store
Platinum Rewards
Create Playlists, Beat Tapes & Albums
Sell Songs
Sell Sound Kits
Commission On Your Beat Store 30% 30% 0%
Accept PayPal and Credit Cards
Co-Producer Splits
Custom Licenses & e-Signed Contracts
Discounts & Coupons
Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel Integration
Accept Offers
Scheduled Releases
Social Unlock Free Downloads





Upload Tracks Limit 10 50 Unlimited
Sales & Download Tracking  Minimal Advanced Advanced
Automated Orders
Embed Player / Store
Instant Payments
Commissions 30% 0% 0%
Upload Stems (.zip) Files
Email Marketing Integration
Custom Voicetag
VAT Reports
Unlimited Uploads
Upload Kits
License Upgrades

3. Marketing Platforms

When it comes to marketing and promotion, one of the best ways to gain exposure is through various media platforms.


YouTube is still one of the main locations people go to find beats. To really capitalize the use of YouTube learn how you can create captivating thumbnails, enticing titles and strategic tags. You can then leverage the traffic to send customers to your beat selling website.


The majority of new upcoming artists are on SoundCloud, so it makes sense to be on there too.


Take advantage of IGTV to be able to post longer beat videos, live streaming and stories of new music that your working on.


A relatively new player in the game, if you can be one of the first music producers to take advantage of the platform you will have a heads up on the competition.

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