Kontact grew up in the urban poverty-stricken town of Vallejo, in northern California. Much like his music style, Kontact’s story is that of an unconventional one. The now talented beat maker wasn’t always as infatuated with music like he is today.

Music was not part of his life during his youth. Kontact didn’t own any albums, listen to the radio or even watch music videos. Originally a gamer at heart, he became impressed with the soundtracks of his favorite titles such as Nights Into Dreams, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Perfect Dark. It was here where the young artist’s first real musical influences blossomed.

Music was first introduced to Kontact with EDM music in middle school and to hip-hop legend Dr. Dre in high school. Kontact was hooked with his iconic album ‘2001’ captivating him in terms of the slick, innovative production.

However, upon hearing news that Dr. Dre had stopped working on his next album, the young beat maker decided ‘If Dr. Dre isn’t going to make music like this anymore, then I will.’ With this, Kontact was born and he began teaching himself how to make beats.

After a few months of dabbling in music production, he decided to give up music to establish a more conventional career for the future. From his love of art and computers, he taught himself graphic design and built for himself a successful career.

Over a decade later and Kontact is now establishing himself as a solid professional producer and go-to-guy for quality beats. Kontact’s highly-polished beats are as authentic as it gets. With a signature sound that can be characterized by his energetic hard hitting drums and heavy, raw melodies. Kontact’s work testify to the skilled mastery of his craft.

Kontact’s motives are not fueled by money or fame. The beat makers’s goal is strictly to create music that he enjoys listening to while having the opportunity to earn a basic living.

The journey for Kontact hasn’t always been smooth however. In order to pursue a music career the beat maker had to leave the six-figure graphic design career that he spent years establishing. Living off a single income put a lot of financial strain on him and his wife. This made the decision to become a full-time record producer a challenge.

They experienced a few occasions when they only had less than five dollars in their bank account. At one point they were struggling so much they had to live off credit cards just to get by. In order to adapt to their financial situation they’ve had to move around often. Including living with their parents and with roommates they’ve never met before.

Aside from the financial challenges, Kontact had to deal with the inevitable criticism from people as he developed his career as a music producer.

However he knew that people would try to discourage him. This was not the first time people would try to persuade him from doing what he was passionate about. Not everyone is going to see or understand his vision and he knew this. Kontact is especially grateful for those who have always supported him. “I am incredibly blessed to have an amazingly supportive wife and parents that believe in me as much as I do.” says Kontact.

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