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Music Production Blog

You are a business

Music Business

3 things to keep in mind when your starting your business and learning about the how the music business works.

How to overcome creative blocks


Every artists dreads having creative blocks. I share with you 7 tips that helped me to never have to experience any more creative blocks.

Copyright Basics PA and SR Copyright

Music Business

There are two separate entities in a musical copyright. The first one covers the composition, or the idea, of the song. Meaning the melodies, chord progressions and lyrics (if any).

What if I lease a beat and it blows up?

Music Business

It depends on the terms of your license agreement when you lease a beat. Non-exclusive licenses are usually limited to a certain amount of user-rights or a certain amount of time.

Music Modernization Act: What is it?

Music Business

What is the music modernization act? Learn more about how the music modernization act would reshape music copyright and compensation for the music industry.