Everything You Need To Know On Marketing To Easily Increase Sales 2

This is the second part on Marketing Psychology, you can read about the first psychological sales tactic here.
2: Curiosity
Evoking curiosity in your marketing materials is very powerful. Curiosity wakes up a passive mind to become active. To build curiosity your headlines or introductions have to be specific enough to entice the reader, but not so specific that the reader doesn’t need to click through or continue reading.
Do not make false promises in your headlines which have nothing to do with your actual content. This is clickbait.
This is why you have to use curiosity very carefully. A few years ago there was a ton of advertisers using curiosity to deceive their audience with headlines like “you won’t believe what happened next” or “one weird trick to…” which left a bad taste in readers.
Here is a real life headline example:
“Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson Reveals Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life”
Another way to arouse curiosity is to tell a story at the introduction of your article, but not ending it right away.
You could say something like, “You are probably wondering if (whatever goal was reached). I think the outcome will surprise you. I will tell you all about it in just a few minutes. But first, let me share with you the #1 mistake people make…”
Another example to entice curiosity in an article is:
“You will discover the secrets that your favorite celebrities use to shed fat quickly, but first…”
“You will find out which common herb improves the look of your skin which you might already have it in your cupboard.”
Do you see how that works? Make people curious and you will keep them reading, entice them to signup or purchase your product to satisfy their curiosity.
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