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About The Beat

Music Description (Dark Evil Horror Trap Type Beat)

For this beat instrumental, I headed for a dark evil horror trap type beat. I wanted to create a record that felt really eerie and scary but cool at the same time. I used a lot of ambient sounds to create some depth and went for some unconventional drums. Some of the effects that are sprinkled through out the track really add to the cinematic vibe.

Musical Inspiration

The beat instrumental was inspired by the theme song of The Brood in the old WWF. I loved the sound of the song, it had a sinister, eerie vibe with heavy drums. The composers that wrote the music to a lot of wrestlers theme songs in my opinion are musical geniuses. Not only are the musical compositions amazing but they also fit the characters persona perfectly.  I tip my hat off to these masters.

Let me know what you think about this beat below or what type of beat you want to hear.

About The Art

dark evil horror trap type beat - beast mode (free beat instrumental)

The amazing cover art for this beat instrumental was created by Qiao An, a digital painter from Shanghai, China.

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