Kontact - Perfect Dark

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About The Beat

Music Description (Dark Epic Sci-fi Trap Type Beat)

For this instrumental, I headed for a dark epic sci-fi trap type Beat. I wanted to create a record that incorporated the current trend of music, but with a twist. So I added rhythmic pads and used some archaic instruments such as the flute and hang drum. As a result, all of the sounds helped to create the mellow atmospheric vibe that I was going for.

Musical Inspiration

The beat instrumental was inspired by one of my favorite video games of the same title. I wanted to create a song that would would fit perfectly into the games soundtrack, just modernized. The games original soundtrack was primarily composed by Grant Kirkhope, who in my opinion is a musical genius. Another music composer who contributed to the soundtrack was David Clynick. David created two of my favorite songs on the game called “Attack Ship: Covert Assault” and “Alien Conflict”. Another great composer who created the opening theme that sets the tone for the rest of game was Graeme Norgate. I have always felt, even before becoming a music producer, that the musical soundtrack is one of the biggest factors in immersing the audience and creating a memorable experience. I tip my hat off to these masters.

Let me know what you think about this beat below or what type of beat you want to hear.

About The Art

dark epic sci-fi trap type beat - perfect dark (free beat instrumental)

The amazing cover art for this beat instrumental was created by Nikita Varb, a digital painter from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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