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What is kontact records?

Kontact Records is a professional music production and licensing company ran by creative music composer and experienced beat maker ‘Kontact’. It is the go-to place for industry quality beat instrumentals, making top-tier production possible for artists across the globe, at all stages of their career.

Kontact Records possesses a reputation for being a forward-thinking company with the artist always at the forefront of its operations. Kontact Records aims to make the creative process as easy as possible for recording artists and strives to become one of the most known and respected beat providers online. Competing with the giants in the mainstream industry and subsequently shattering the belief that internet producers are less qualified in the music business.

What do we offer?

Whether you’re signed to a major label or just starting out, Kontact has you covered with a premium library of highly-polished beats. Unlike most beat libraries, downloads through Kontact Records are 100% free on a non-commercial license. Meaning artists can ‘test-drive’ as many beat instrumentals as they like before purchasing, using beats without tags or anti-piracy watermarks.

For those ready to take things to the next level, Kontact offers a clear to understand three-tier licensing system, structured with the artist in mind. There is an individual license each for ‘new artists’, ‘independent artists’ and ‘major label artists’. Simplifying the process and saving creative’s the pain of having to navigate through overly-complex lease types.